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Healthy Resources /A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Choices, Health Communities is committed to providing the residents of the Tri-State area the most comprehensive listing of resources to aid in better living through lifestyle changes. The resources below are divided into categories for those looking to improve their diets or physical conditioning. If you have a website that could serve as an addition to this listing, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Healthy Eating

Applebee’s Weight Watchers: Applebee’s makes healthy eating easy with a menu endorsed by Weight Watchers

Applebee’s 550 Calories: Applebee’s menu includes delicious entrees that are 550 calories or fewer.

Healthy Living

Network of Care: Spend some time with Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities Network of Care website. The site is a vast health resource with an online library of searchable health articles, the ability to research medications, a tool to help you understand what your medical symptoms could mean, links to both local and state health resources, personal health calculators to determine Body Mass Index and other important health numbers and much, much more.

OLBH 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment and KDMC 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment: The Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital needs assessment gave birth to Healthy Choices Kentucky (which later became Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities.) Both the OLBH and the Kings Daughters Medical Center assessments were conducted in 2013 utilizing surveys, focus groups and interviews with key individuals in the community including those with knowledge of public health, the broad interests of the communities served, as well as individuals with special knowledge of the medically underserved, low income and vulnerable populations and people with chronic diseases. 

Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities, led by coalition members OLBH and KDMC, is conducting a joint Community Health Needs Assessment for 2016. As part of this process, the coalition is requesting feedback on the two prior assessments from 2013, which can be accomplished by viewing those assessments (linked at the start of this paragraph) and by then filing out a simple form below.


ACTC Community Education: Ashland Community and Technical College offers ongoing classes and exercise programs focused on wellness, weight loss and being active. The website contains a description of programs and a current schedule of classes and events.

Firm Fitness at Bellefonte Center: Firm Fitness is a community wellness center in Russell, Ky. operated by Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital. The website contains a description of services and an up-to-date schedule of classes and events.

Kentucky Rails to Trails: KRTC's mission is to enhance the quality of life in our communities by developing a Kentucky rail-trail program.

Maps to Better Health: Click here for maps of local walking trails, ball fields, sports parks and playgrounds.

TriState Racer: The Tri-State’s best resource for area race and walk information and results.

Raceland Walkability Report: An assessment team from Healthy Choices Kentucky has published a walkability audit of the City of Raceland, utilizing an audit tool designed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Center of Disease Control and Prevention.



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